Cam Locks

Camlocks are awesome.

Why? Let me show you.

Have you ever had a plumbing setup where you've had two hoses screwed together with fittings that you had to constantly tighten and loosen to take apart? You know how much of a pain that is, twisting and twisting and twisting and............... FINALLY they come apart.

Camlocks make that a thing of the past.

Take this camlock part to one hose:

And attach this camlock part to the other hose:

And you have a hose which can be put together or pulled apart lickety split! There's no real definition for the term "lickety split", but you get the idea. Pop the two camlocks parts together, pull down on those little silver levers and presto!

The hoses come together, really really fast.

How's that for awesome!

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