ProEco Pressure Filters

The CPF Series pressure filters are ideal for ponds and water gardens up to 4000 gallons. These pressure filters deliver crystal clear water with very low maintenance. All of the CPF filters include an integrated Ultraviolet Clarifier which flocculates (clumps) any algae that passes through the filter. The flocculated algae can then be captured by the filter and removed from the pond. The “Easy Clean” feature of these filters makes maintenance a quick and easy process that can be done without getting dirty. The CPF Filters can be installed anywhere around a pond and can be buried right up to the lid of the filter, which makes them very easy to hide.

The HCF Series filters combine both biological and mechanical filtration into one compact package. All filters include our Eco Media which is designed with a very high surface area, which propagates large quantities of beneficial bacteria. The Easy-Clean feature of this filter makes maintenance a simple and quick job. Combine the HCF filters with our HPP pumps for a wide variety of pond and water feature applications.

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