Geyser Nozzle

Like the Cascade nozzles, these injector nozzles also generate a water pattern that changes depending on water level, however the Geyser foam effect nozzles generate a slender, more cylindrical shaped fountain. Thanks to the injector effect, water and air are suctioned in, mixed intensively and accelerated into the air by the injector jet as an impressive soft flowing fountain. In this process, a voluminous fountain is generated using relatively low pump capacities. The foam effect nozzles that work depending on the water level generate a more slender and higher water pattern if the normal water level is not reached. If the normal water level is exceeded the water pattern is fuller and lower. This effect is particularly interesting when there are strong wave movements, when the fountains really start to dance.
  • Narrow, white foaming water columns
  • Cylindrical shaped water display
  • Rich oxygenation
  • Leveling flange
  • Water level dependent

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