Cascade Nozzle

These injector nozzles generate a lively, full water pattern that changes depending on the water level and sets interesting accents in every public area. The OASE Cascade foam effect nozzles are injector nozzles whose effect is dependent on the water level. Because of the injection effect, surrounding water and air are sucked in, intensively mixed and thrown high into the air by the injector jet. This has an economical effect, since with a relatively low pumping power a voluminous, tapered fountain jet can be achieved. The water pattern can be changed by varying the water level. At lower water levels the jet is tall and slender, above standard levels it is short and full. In certain basin arrangements a wave effect may appear, creating a very interesting visual effect. Check valves must be installed in designs with different water levels to prevent water from draining back through the nozzle when the fountain is turned off.
  • Lively display with white foam effect
  • Conical shaped water display
  • Rich oxygenation
  • Leveling flange
  • Water level dependent

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