Fan Jet Nozzle

The water veil generated by these nozzles not only has a mesmerizing beauty, but it is also extremely practical: It is particularly well suited to conceal exposed technology. Depending on the installation the fan nozzles generate either a vertically ascending water veil, or a diagonally spouting water veil of 3/8 in. in thickness. Thanks to its large surface distribution, the attractive water pattern can conceal a foundation base, or exposed pipe and pump equipment from the eyes of observers. The nozzles work independently of the water level and require a throttle supplied by the contractor to regulate the water pattern.
  • 1/4 to 3/8 in. thick, fan-shaped effect
  • Vertical or diagonally ascending water veil
  • Conceals visually obtrusive fountain equipment
  • Water level independent
  • Modern stainless steel look

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