TODOL Black Foam

Todol Products specializes in Polyurethane foam products. Urethane foam sealants are a very cost efficient way of filling and sealing voids. Our foams stop the passage of air, water, odors, and pests. Every construction industry has a need to inexpensively fill voids.

TODOL foam is a closed cell self-curing foam which expands, bonds and seals, stopping the passage of air, gases, water and dust.
This helps to increase energy efficiency by stopping air exchange around doors, windos, wall intrusions and at sill plates. Its lightweight, closed cell structure also makes it useful for deadening sound, flotation and thermal insulation. TODOL foam can expand to fill holes around pipes and ducts to reduce noise, seal out insects and fill rodent holes.

It is also useful for sealing work areas prior to asbestos stripping to prevent the transport of fibers.

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