Stub Ups-Waterstop Flanges

Waterproofing Penetration Fittings for Brass Pipe

PEM Conduit Stub Ups for Submersible Junction Boxes

PEM J60 Series Stub Ups are made from red brass, schedule 40 pipe, a cast bronze base brazed to a conduit, cast bronze, brass and stainless steel fitted ground connection. Membrane Clamp base has blind threaded openings for clamp bolts.

This is the PEM J60/-1 Conduit Stub Up.

This is the PEM J60 Conduit Stub Up shown with the Membrane Clamp and the Underdeck Clamp. You can see a better drawing of this at the bottom of the page.


Shown below is the PEM J60 Conduit Stub Up from a more technical viewpoint. Shown on this drawing are not only the J60/-1 Stub Up, but the /-2 Membrane Clamp Option and the /-3 Underdeck Clamp option.

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