Extreme Axial

Comes with a 4in. Super Stainless submersible Franklin electric motor. This motor has a thrust capacity of 650 lbs (2hp) or 900 lbs (3hp). It has a corrosion resistant all stainless steel exterior with a stainless splined shaft and hermetically-sealed windings. It also includes anti-track self healing resin system, water lubrication, a filter check valve, a kingsbury-type thrust bearing and a pressure equalizing diaphragm. All single phase 230v motors have built-in lightning arrestors.

  • Axial Flow Pump
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Stainless impeller, investment casting, dynamically balanced
  • Available in both horizontal and vertical models
  • 6in. Diameter discharge, NPT standard threading, male
  • 60hz single phase service
  • Two types of impellers available, low and high flow rate
  • 30 times per hour max cycle capacity
This motor comes with the applicable stainless steel screen built for the model purchased and a standard control panel.

Optional Equipment Available: a 30ft. DFD 230v WOP Mercury Float

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