Little Giant / Cal Stainless & Bronze Direct Drive Pumps

Cal /Little Giant Stainless Steel and Bronze Pumps  

Calpump Stainless Steel and Bronze Pumps

Cal Pumps longtime customers rely on our stainless steel and bronze pumps, and once you've owned one, you'll know why.  

All pumps in this series come with a two-year warranty and will provide trouble free use in freshwater, saltwater or chlorinated water (3-5ppm). You can even use it in hot water up to 110°F! 

20' power cords are standard. Stainless steel and bronze pumps are widely used in fish ponds, water gardening, and applications where dependability and longevity are a must.

Use for ponds up to 1000 gallons

Model S225 S320 S580 S900 S1200
Amps 0.7 1.5 2.2 2.5 3.4
Watts 60 89 203 234 255
Max Flow 220gph 290 gph 725gph 810 gph 868 gph
Max Height 5.7' 13.5' 12' 14' 18'
Intake/Discharge  1.2"/3/4"  1.2"/3/4"   3/4"1.2"   3/4"1.2"   3/4"1.2"


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