PUMPS 42-59

Aquascape pumps are the preferred pond, waterfall, and fountain pumps for hobbyists and professional pond installers alike.


Pumps are the heart of any water feature, continually circulating water and providing aeration to create the basis for a stable ecosystem. Proper pump sizing is critical to the health and function of the water feature and you want to be sure you’ve selected the correct pump. To make pump selection easy, visit our website and use our convenient Pond Pump Selection Guide and calculator for selecting the proper pump size


Control the flow of your waterfall with Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps!

Dial up the pump for a more voluminous "party style" waterfall, or dial it down for a quieter, more relaxing waterfall. With WiFi connectivity and smart control devices from Aquascape, you can control the waterfall from anywhere at any time using your smartphone or tablet! Choose from three adjustable flow pump options to best suit your needs.

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