Aquascape Fire and Water Features

Decorative fire and water features are a unique, beautiful, and easy way to add a splash of water and a flash of fire to your outdoor living spaces. Aquascape fire features, fountains, and container water gardens are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be installed in just a couple of hours. If you love the sound of water in the garden and enjoy the flicker of fire to warm your nights, a decorative fire and water feature is your perfect beginning. 

Auto-Ignite Systems
Melt the stress away and excite your senses with a complete, turn-key, auto-ignite water feature like the Fire and Water Spillway Bowl, Fire and Water Stacked Slate Sphere, or Faux Stone Fire Pit.

Match-Lit Systems
Enhance Aquascape basalt columns with the mesmerizing and therapeutic effects of fire using the Fire and Water 3-Piece Basalt Torch System or add a decorative Fire Fountain to any patio or garden.

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