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Atlantic’s Water Garden System offers a complete solution for every pond builder. Full-featured 
Skimmers and FilterFalls remove floating debris, fish wastes and suspended solids with minimal 
maintenance. In-pond and pressure filters clear and clean smaller ponds. Advanced ScreenMatic2 and 
ProfiClear filters handle the heaviest fish loads and clean themselves. Select custom accessories 
or choose a Pond Kit that comes with all the equipment, liner and plumbing you’ll need to complete 
any project.

Full range of Skimmers, FilterFalls and Filters for every size water garden

Crush-proof Skimmers and FilterFalls with lifetime warranties eliminate concerns of warping and 
deformation in the ground

Multiple filtration options and styles accommodate any fish stocking levels

Pond Kits containing everything needed for a complete installation save you time and money

A complete line of accessories to complement and enhance your water garden allows for full 

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