Atlantic’s Aeration System offers everything you need for the health and maintenance of large ponds and lakes. The sophisticated suite of products includes powerful Air Compressors, sub-surface Diffusers and decorative floating Aerators optimized for every size and depth body of water. We took our time to develop the best system on the market today — efficient and economical, engineered for excellence!

Air Diffusers are economical to ship, easy to deploy and maintain and more efficient at circulation and gas diffusion

Robust Compressors are reliable, rebuildable and economical to run and service

Long lasting Direct Burial and Weighted Tubing simplifies sub-surface installation

Treatments provide solutions for almost every pond and lake problem

Fully equipped Cabinets protect and soundproof equipment securely

All Systems come complete with every component needed for your project

Floating Fountain Aerators that excel in shallow water offer visual displays by day and night

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