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FREE Pond Building Classes Coming Soon! Industry Secrets of the . . . . "How To".  Call to Register


Ready Series

Coastal has easy instructions for the Ready Series

1) Position and moor the float
2) Set the unit in float
3) Plug it in....

It's that simple - Well, of course there are questions, especially when it comes to the electrical setups for the Ready Series, but this series is definitely a Homeowner's Special, ready to decorate a smaller backyard pond or water feature.

The Ready Series comes with two different types of pump units:

Propeller Pump Unit Centrifugal Pump Unit

Propeller Pump units are great for aeration, since the water that moves through it gets "sheared", thusly dragging water droplets back to the pond and, in essence, increasing the surface area of the lake. Centrifugal Pump units don't aerate as much as the Propeller Pump units, which makes them more suited towards "aesthetic" usage.

Powered by a 1hp "Super Stainless motor". This floating fountain is ready to go for lakes and ponds up to 1.5 acres in 'Standard" volume mode and when you use the included "Flow Reduction Disc", you can tone it down into "Reduced" volume mode, perfect for lakes and ponds up to 3/4 of an acre.

Each Ready Series fountain comes with:

  • 100' of power cable with a watertight connector
  • 24 hour time clock
  • Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (US Only!)
  • Two year warranty
  • One nozzle of your choice
  • A float

The Ready Series operates with a minimum depth of 24"!

The Ready Series Propeller Pump Unit has a 1.1lbs./O2/hr. oxygen transfer rate in reduced volume mode and a 2.8 lbs./O2/hr. oxygen transfer rate in standard volume mode.


There are six (6) different spray patterns to choose from. Click the picture to go to that patterns individual fountains available!







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