Select Kits (1/2 to 5 hp)

Aqua Control Aerators and Fountains

Aqua Control, Inc. (ACI) was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of floating Aerators and Fountains. Since then ACI has done extensive engineering to develop innovative new products with emphasis on creating highly efficient pumps and nozzles and to create unique, big, and beautiful Display Aerator and Fountain spray patterns so that Aqua Control is truly, “The Beautiful Water Quality Management System”.

Today, ACI has the most extensive line of floating water features in the industry. The Select Series of 1/2 to 7.5HP Display Aerators and Fountains are available in single and two-stage, vertical and horizontal configurations, and with more than 30 spray patterns. The Titan Series provides a wide range of big and beautiful patterns from 5HP to 30HP. They are also available Vertical or Horizontal configuration to accommodate deep or shallow water depths.



Double Trellis

Flare and Sky Geyser

Fleur de Lis

Full Geyser



Shooting Star

Sky Geyser

Spoke and Trellis



Trellis and Sky Geyser

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