Axial Flow

C.M.I. Pumps- Axial Flow

1 year warranty
An economical solution for high-volume, low-head flow applications. The Carry line offers single pumps with the capacity for 50 to 1.450 GPM at 2-25 feet of total dynamic head. These pumps are also efficient in Parallel use for larger volumes. Carry Stainless Axial-Flow Submersible pumps employ axial-flow lift. Smooth, low-vibration and low-pressure axial-flow lift is more efficient than centrifugal force for low-head, high-volume pumping. Construction is all stainless. Within a horsepower range, several different impeller trims are available. Models are available in different voltages, and three phase configurations are also available at slightly lower weights.

  • Storm Water Management
  • High Volume Water Transfer
  • Waterfalls and Water Features
  • Fresh and Salt Water Pumps for Aquacultural Fish Farming
  • Compact Design
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction
  • Environmentally Friendly Motor
  • 1/2 thru 15 Horsepower, Single Phase
  • Vertical and Horizontal Models Available
  • High Volume: 50 to 1,450 GPM
  • Low Head: 2 to 25ft. of Total Dynamic Head

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